Deglas Acrylic: Minimum Order $5,000Contact Sundance For Deglas -
For polycarbonate see Sundance Supply web site - Poly Minimum $800
New! 20 Year Warranty 8 & 16mm Multiwall polycarbonate - See Web Site -

Features and Benefits Deglas Acrylic Glazing Sheets - Lexan Polycarbonate vs Deglas Acrylic

• High gloss sheen • Rain has a natural cleaning effect
• Available in solar tints • Anti fogging surface • Light diffusion gives soft, even light

• Low installed cost • No replacement cost due to yellowing
• Less expensive than glass • Energy efficient • Long lasting

• UV light transmission blocked • Impact-resistant acrylic • Approved safety glazing
• Shatter resistant • Protects occupants
Customizable Design
• Larger roof projections • Variable pitch system • Ability to match a product to your needs
• Structural and non-structural systems • Available in a variety of shades and surface textures
• Different looks to enhance your design
• Reduces heat buildup • Weather tight system • Provides a leak free environment
• Insulation with multiple-skinned sheets
• Increases comfort and reduces heating and air conditioning costs
Durability and Strength
• 10 year limited warranty • Hail & break resistant
• Meets or exceeds snow and wind load requirements
• Rigid design withstands live loads • Most weatherable polymer

• No additional rafters required, fits onto most rafter designs • Vertical installation
• No special equipment required • Lightweight panels, easily cut with circular saw
• No specialized training or skills required
• Wave Profile is point fastened no glazing bars required

















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